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Black Ice

This winter has been unbelievable with the amount of black ice we’ve had! It seems we have a blast of absolutely freezing temperatures and then it warms up a bit briefly enough to have rain, which quickly, within hours, is followed by rapidly dropping temperatures and there it is, black ice! That black ice is hiding under the snow, just like my dog is hiding under the snow. LOOK OUT!

We all have experienced the nightmare of black ice. One wrong step and we are crashing to the ground and hopefully able to get up again without serious injuries. A buddy of mine, took a tumble on his bike yesterday even though he slowed down on a curve where he expected the possibility of ice and ended up on his elbows and bum anyway! It is an accident waiting to happen. Another friend on a walk took a tumble even though she was walking very carefully and had trouble getting back up. She had to crawl to an area without black ice. Funny to see perhaps, but not funny to experience. So, this is where the SniffersNot sniff sleeve on your glove or mitten comes in handy. One must be very attentive to where she/he is walking and biking in these conditions, so when the old nose is dripping from the cold, it is much easier to use the SniffersNot to manage the drip than to dig for a tissue or hanky while dealing with the unpredictable surface under your feet while walking a dog or taking a walk or cycling to work.

I highly recommend Microspikes that are 90% effective with the hard snow and black ice. I purchased them at REI and some day hope that one can purchase the SniffersNot as well at REI! Why not? They carry many other products that allow us to enjoy our outdoor activity by solving an annoying problem, such as slipping on black ice! Stay active, but be prepared for the conditions and be SAFE!

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