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"Snot Rockets"

I absolutely LOVE hiking…. I hike or walk everyday. This past weekend I was in the Baltimore area and was fortunate enough to hike on part of the Appalachian Trail near Baltimore. It was beautiful and along with the beauty was a very nippy damp wind that blasted us constantly. My nose was dripping like a faucet so I worked on improving my “snot rockets” and got rid of the continual flow as it was draining, but thankfully had my SniffersNot sniff sleeve to manage the mess that can happen after a “rocket blast”! I was also thankful to have a SniffersNot sniff sleeve on each hand over my gloves to keep my hands warm. It was bone chilling cold!! The sniff sleeves add at least another 50% of warmth to your hands when worn over your gloves. Freezing fingers can be very painful and interrupt your activity.

The freezing cracking fingers I have experienced in the past are what led me to design the SniffersNot. It was so frustrating to continually remove my mittens to find a tissue in my pocket to deal with the runny nose that occurs from the cold weather and then have the tissue eventually fall apart. The SniffersNot allows you to enjoy your outdoor activity while keeping your fingers warm and sparing them from the freezing winds that can damage your tender tissue at the tips of your fingers.

The extremely cold, damp windy conditions followed us back into the city while walking along the harbor. Once again, I was thankful to have the added warmth of the SniffersNot sniff sleeves over my gloves. It also allowed me to tuck a few tissues in the sleeve for when I had to blow to deal with the flow. I certainly wouldn’t think of sending off a “snot rocket” in the city!

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