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About Us

My Story:

The outdoors is my comfort zone in life. I spend as much time as possible in the outdoors and don’t let the frigid temperatures of Wisconsin keep me from being active.

I love taking my dog for walks…long walks on the frozen lake, in a snowstorm, while snowshoeing, skiing and hiking. For years I have been annoyed with the constant drip of my nose, which begins in fall and ends in summer! For years I have suffered from frozen fingers while digging in my pockets for my tattered tissues to manage my nose. I have had painful, cracked fingers resulting from the constant removal of my gloves or mittens to deal with the runny nose. It annoyed me while hiking or skiing to have to stop to remove my poles from my hands and to take off my gloves to reach for a tissue in my pocket. Of course on those below zero days, I would resort to wiping on my gloves or wherever.

Several winters ago, I had an idea to solve this problem. I made a make shift sniff sleeve™ to try over my glove. I changed it a number of times and explored different fabrics to see what would work the best during the cold temperatures. It was a great solution for a very annoying problem. I also discovered that the hand with the SniffersNot™ stayed warmer as an extra bonus!

I am happy to say that after a lot of hard work, learning, and experimentation…. I now have the first run of the SniffersNot™ sniff sleeve™ that is available to the OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST!

SAVE your sleeves, gloves, and mittens and manage your runny nose with the SniffersNot™ that is soft, washable and hypoallergenic! I am proud to say that it is made in the United States, which is extremely challenging to make happen in this country.

Use the SniffersNot™ for walking, skiing, winter biking, snowshoeing, shoveling, skating, sledding, running, hiking, snowboarding, or any other activity enjoyed by the outdoor enthusiast!